About Us

BCD Engineering Pte Ltd undertakes Mechanical Ventilation &
Air conditioning projects ranging from resiedential to commercial applications.

The Company’s in house design and review carried out by experienced design teams can offer clients a complete design-construct package, resulting in saving of both cost and construction time, and assuring a high quality project that meets client’s requirement as well as achieving overall project objective.  

Our ability to integrate construction knowledge and our experience in Air Conditioning planning, design, procurement and field operation provide the opportunity to optimise and improve constructability, making the project technically and economically feasible, and increasing the company competitiveness in the ACMV industry.  

We have evolved into our current position as one of the specialist contractor in the design and installation of Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation for private residential and commercial applications. We have taken steps to diversify and expand our activities by setting up respective divisions within the company or through our subsidiaries, to undertake and offer specialised services in this highly competitive market of the new Millenium.

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